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I help you get the most out of your investment in Sage's BusinessWorks by taking its existing strengths and tailoring specific parts of it to meet your specific needs.

Our Products

Note: BSoft Integrators products have a common download, installation and setup process. Please review the instructions before proceeding with a download or installation of one of the products listed below.

Install Instructions

Custom Applications for Sage BusinessWorks

Live Order Picking Install Demo
Promo Flyer Powerpoint Manual

Want to be able to handle all of your order fulfillment from a single screen? Multi-pane order inquiry screen shows back orders, open orders, short quantites and part availability in a single intuitive real time screen. Search by customer, identify short quantities at a glance by looking at the color coded display, drill into purchasing and print adjusted pick tickets all from one place. Want to see what you can fill from today's inventory delivery? Switch to the availability view and see what orders are made availably by each receipt. If order fulfillment is a challenge for you, you want this.

BSI Live Build        
Install Demo
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Relieve purchasing and manufacturing headaches in a manufacturing or assembly environment. Easily create a "build manifest" from a list of parts or sales orders and determine your material requirements for that build with just a couple of clicks. Edit the resulting spreadsheet in place to see how your material requirements change. Reports can traverse any number of subassembly levels. Save hours of production research and maximize your production uptime by never running out of materials.

Live Time Card        
Install Demo
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Powerful time card entry application posts charges immediately to Job Cost and includes a powerful import engine that can be taught to read many structured time card formats in Excel or text documents.

Inventory Part Batch Processor        
Install Demo
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Easily edit your entire inventory list in Excel. Do price updates, change Product Lines, edit custom fields and add thousands of parts in a fraction of the time it would take you to do it "one at a time" through maintain parts. Skip the headaches of formatting files for import and export.

Live Price Install Demo
Promo Flyer Powerpoint Manual

Save Order Entry time, especially in "spot" pricing environments. Price history for both purchases and sales shows up instantly - including historical data for non inventory parts. Drill into customer specific transaction history with a quick double click. Do adjustment and quantity math in place. Create a quote or sales order from that point with a single click.

Live Cash Receipt Install Demo
Promo Flyer Powerpoint Manual

Are you using many different customer records in BW to represent purchasing entities that pay their bills through a single parent? This application presents a straighforward interface that simplifies the process of splitting a single payment across several customers' invoices. Even if you don't have this particular issue, the super fast invoice number-enter key entry sequence shaves minutes off of posting complicated receipts.

Live Order (new) Install Demo
Promo Flyer Powerpoint Manual

New product to be launched soon.

Customer Label Printer        
Install Demo
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Throw away the three page help document on printing customer labels from BW. Print customer label sheets from for selected ranges of customers or for batches of invoices with just a couple of clicks. You can even do a mailing for everybody who's purchased a certain product from you. Edit your customer label template using the familiar BW Form Engine.

Part Label Printer Install Demo
Promo Flyer Powerpoint Manual

Print part labels from your Sage BusinessWorks Inventory Data. Select ranges of parts by ID or product line or generate labels for boxes from Sales Orders and Invoices. Include bar codes and prices for shelf tags and shipping packages. Edit the label templates using the familiar BW Form Engine.

Customer Comparison Report        
Install Demo
Promo Flyer Powerpoint Manual

Generates an Excel Spreadsheet that does year by year comparisons of customer transactions on a YTD, Quarter, QTD, Month and Month to date basis. Can even report on archived data across different company files. Filter report by customer, customer category and sales rep.

Inventory Sales Analysis by Month        
Install Demo
Promo Flyer Powerpoint Manual

Provides a rolling 12 month sales issues report for each part on a monthly and quarterly basis. There's an option to use order entry data to drive the report if the included parts are from a "non inventory" product line. The tool exports this sales information directly to Microsoft Excel, where the information can be sorted and analyzed further. The report is useful to assist decision making for stocking and reordering levels.

Audit Report
Install Demo
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Audit inventory performance by analyzing changes in inventory balances for arbitrary time periods. See your inventory balance on whatever day you choose. Includes warehouse and product line filters.

Reserved SN Report Install Demo
Promo Flyer Powerpoint Manual

Quickly report the status of all serial numbers for a selected part range. Identify what is available and determine what goes to whom without navigating through the BW interface layers.

Live Return Install Demo
Promo Flyer Powerpoint Manual

Do you do returns where linking the return to an invoice is too impractical for OE Invoice returns, but having to post a separate credit memo to a customer after doing a part return seems like a chore? This enhancement allows you to control credit granted and provides some very useful inquiry tools while still posting the AR Memo in one simple step. Automatically calculates stocking fees as well.

Overpayment Sniffer Install Demo
Promo Flyer Powerpoint Manual

The Purchase Order Overpayment Sniffer scans AP invoices as they're entered into BW, testing them against the received value of the purchase orders to which they're being applied. If the AP invoice amount exceeds the purchase order amount, a warning is displayed and the user has a chance to void the invoice.

Customized Process Applications

Custom Order Entry Request Quote Promo Flyer Powerpoint

Are your order entry people being slowed down by the BW Order entry screen? Are you frequently running into the "Customer Locked" message when trying to add Sales Orders? Do you have special tags that need to be added to Sales Orders? Are there processes that need to be automagically started when an order is entered? We have a framework for a custom entry screen that can easily be modified to suit your needs.

Live Shipping Promo Flyer Powerpoint

Makes all of your Sales Order address information available for import into popular shipping software. When the shipping label is printed, the live terminal updates to display the tracking number and shipping cost. Terminal can be installed with all phone reps so that they can have shipment information available to answer customer inquiries. Freight charges can be posted to Invoices as memos and invoices can be reprinted or e-mailed with tracking numbers. Requires some special setup with shipping software.

Drop Shipping Forms Promo Flyer Powerpoint

Do you frequently issue purchase orders to vendors for drop shipment? Automatically include a packing list for them to send along to your customer using this powerful application. Optional features include real-time document tracking and order selection assistance.

Custom Quote Generator Promo Flyer

Have your field sales reps generate great looking Excel quotes from your BW data without being connected to the home server. Easily or automatically import the resulting documents into BW. Build "helpers" to automatically incorporate specialized production requirements into your quotes.

Production Management Promo Flyer

Create JC Jobs from Sales Orders. Track orders, jobs, inventory and billing from a single intuitive interface. Build subassemblies, post job transactions, view production schedules, determine actual part availability, print shipping manifests and monitor production all from a single application. Lots of options and flexibility with this application so contact us and see if it's right for you!

Webstore Integration Promo Flyer

Start importing orders from your webstore instead of re-keying them. Optional features include automatic pick-ticket output and two-way UPS integration.


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